Sedation Dentistry

Dentistry does not have to be a painful or scary procedure. A visit to the dentist can be a positive experience, even when treatment is necessary. Millions of Americans are afraid of the dentist. They avoid dental care regardless of the costs, simplicity of treatment or affordability. But it no longer has to be that way. Modern dentistry offers safe, effective, and comfortable treatments to anxious and fearful patients. You may have heard of this treatment called anxiety-free dentistry or relaxation dentistry. The best and most accurate name is oral sedation dentistry.

Most fears develop in childhood, so odds are you have carried your dread of the dentist for years. You avoid receiving care and as a result, your dental health deteriorates. If you are no longer able to withstand the pain or discomfort and finally seek treatment, extensive restorative work is required. That means more time in the dental chair, more procedures, and more expense, which only furthers your anxiety. It is a bad cycle that can be broken by modern sedation dentistry.

Our dentists are trained in providing sedation dentistry. A variety of protocols are available that can be customized to each patient’s physiological and pharmacological needs. So even if you have a unique medical condition, there still may be options. A number of medications have been developed specifically for these purposes, subject to rigorous research and testing for efficacy and safety. Some of these can even help you remember little of the visit, preventing the sounds and smells from lingering in your thoughts.

Sedation dentistry is not only for fearful patients. If you are a busy individual that cannot fit multiple dental appointments in your busy schedule, sedation dentistry is for you. Typically, during a sedation appointment, we can accomplish procedures normally scheduled for 3-4 regular visits.

The first appointment will typically consist of having x-rays taken and a discussion and conversation of the findings with the dentist. Then, depending on the treatment needed, options of sedation will be discussed. On the scheduled day of the procedure a companion will need to bring you to the office and pick you up. Depending on the protocol chosen, medication is administered prior to arriving at our office, in our office or in a combination.

You will not be asleep but you will feel relaxed and most likely will not remember much of the procedure.

If you are interested in having dental care under sedation dentistry, please call our office.